Monday, February 06, 2006

Too Tired to Blog

Dig this: I have another idea for ways to amuse oneself without driving drunk. Leave 905 and go on safari!

This is a picture of a real elephant (nice shot Kel) that my friend took on a real safari in Africa. Real elephants. So cool.

Because the SuperBowl and the new Canadian Federal gov cabinet being announced have sapped me of all energy and will to live respectively, I will talk about how cool this elephant is and how it is soooooooo not 905.

Apparently, my local federal representative is in trouble because of the money he owes the government from some past political campaigning or something. Not too shocking. By many accounts from real people who've encountered him, he is not a lover of people and not a very professional politician. It is a bit depressing to have him as my representative in Parliament. Not only is he a representative, but I think he's been given some important portfolio. Argh. Is it naive to expect politicians to care about other people, or to at least treat people with respect? Then I am naive!


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