Monday, July 23, 2012

Sewing summer sun hats

I started making a sunhat for my toddler back in the spring. The first pattern I used was based on a hat he already had that I quite liked but was afraid he was growing out of. I made a couple hats with that pattern, but they weren't quite right (I'm now wearing the one below myself).

Then I tried a reversible sun hat where I didn't have to cut out a separate brim. But I had a hard time getting the fit right.

Next  I came across a free pattern for a reversible bucket hat by Oliver + S. I made one in the largest size, and it was too small (I'm convinced I read the pattern incorrectly, because it said this size should fit a six year old). But the hat was lovely--it looked sharper than the styles of hat I had experimented with up to that point.

So I made the pattern bigger and I think I finally have the hat. I will add a picture once I sew up the one in the plaid fabric I've been wanting to use. Below is the prototype (I added the chin strap because it kept blowing off his head).


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