Friday, June 09, 2006

Bits & Pieces

In keeping with my pattern of posting once a month, here I go. This month, I've decided to reflect my lack of inspiration and passion in my blog, by talking about bits and pieces of this and that, and not really saying much at all. Of course, when I came up with idea on the GO train into work this morning I was bursting with ideas. Now I'm home at the end of the day and I'm tired and tired and repetitive and not so inspired. Enjoy!

I just figured out (I've known this for a while, but it sunk in for the first time today) that Stockwell Day is the Minister for Public Safety. Yikes. And to think that I voted for him to change his first name to Doris...

Things I Have Learned From Dr. Phil

Yes, I'm finally ready to 'fess up and face facts. Here is what Dr. Phil has taught me, good and bad, big, little and all:

1. Charisma will get you pretty durned far.

2. Never try to start selling your own brand of diet food unless you have expertise in a field related to human biology or chemistry.

3. Sometimes, people like to hear the truth.

4. Self-help usually means that you have the will to change but you need an external something (book, TV show, therapist or whatever) to guide you. Actual help that relies 100% on the self is quite rare, if not impossible.

5. A quick wit will get you pretty durned far.

6. It's good to be Oprah's friend.

7. It really helps to do your homework (or to have someone else do most of it for you and take really good notes that you can read over).

8. Patience, Kindness, Caring and Quiet Compassion don't make good TV.

9. A smart tie can make a boring dark suit interesting.

10. Some people still care enough to hope that TV show hosts are actually able to help people.

I like blue and green. I think they match.

Here's how to make my favourite cocktail:

1 oz creme de banane (banana liqueur)
1 oz Tequila Rose
1 oz cream or milk (I've tried soy milk, but I'll warn you that it tends to curdle a bit)

Put all three together in a shaker with ice. Shake. Pour into a martini glass or the fabulous receptacle of your choice. Voila!

I keep meaning to donate money to the Internaional Red Cross to support earthquake relief efforts in Indonesia. I keep forgetting. Why don't we all remember together? Donate to the International Red Cross online.


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